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Try the free Adobe Premiere Pro® Pond5 add-on and receive 50 complimentary full-resolution, hand-curated media files valued at more than $1,000. All yours, all free.

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*By clicking above, you will be securely transferred to the Adobe Exchange® marketplace. Add-on compatible only with Adobe Premier Pro® 2014/2015. Please contact us if you need any support.

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Download and install the plugin to browse our royalty-free marketplace within Adobe Premiere Pro®.

Import lo-res previews of any video/audio files into your project for immediate use, free of charge.

When you're ready, just purchase full-res versions with a credit card, PayPal, or prepaid credit packs.

Automatically swap your lo-res previews with the full-res versions through our interface. It's that simple.

Created by and for Adobe Premiere Pro® Editors

"Adobe is pleased to partner with Pond5 to offer customers the fluid ability to access and include fantastic, high-quality royalty free stock media as part of the editorial process."
Al Mooney, Product Manager for Professional Video Solutions, Adobe

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What version of Adobe Premiere Pro do I need in order to use the Pond5 Add-on?
    CS6 and Creative Cloud (and versions subsequent to these releases).
  • Do I need to have a Pond5 account in order to use the Pond5 Add-on?
    You do not need to have a registered Pond5 account in order to browse the video and audio collection in the plug-in. However, you will need a Pond5 account in order to import, conform, store, purchase, and download stock media. Registration is free and takes a few seconds.
  • What does the "Replace with Hi-Res Clips" button do on the Pond5 Anywhere Add-on?
    Clicking this button will guide you through the process of purchasing and downloading hi-res media files that are missing in your project. The lo-res previews originally used in your project will then automatically be replaced with these hi-res media files.
  • Why do I get an error that tells me that I have an "invalid codec" or "missing codec"?
    These errors are mostly associated with Windows. The issue can be resolved by downloading and installing Quicktime Player 7.
  • The Adobe Extension Manager warns me that "the publisher cannot be verified." Should I still proceed?
    Yes. Please continue with the installation.
  • Why can't I install the Pond5 Add-on?
    Please contact us directly if you have specific issues installing the Add-on from the Adobe Exchange store.
  • I downloaded multiple versions of a hi-res clip (e.g., HD, PAL), and when I click on "Conform," it automatically chooses a version of that high-res clip for me. What do I do?
    Please go to your "Purchased" folder in your "Destinations" folder and either move the non-preferred versions to another location or simply remove the files. Then click on the "Replace with Hi-Res Clips" a second time.
  • Do you have any other questions?
  • What operating systems work with the Pond5 plug-in?
    Mac OS 10.6.8 and above and Windows 7.

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