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Hello World,
here i am now and present a my views and visual insights of the presence of life like i realize it. My videos are all samples of my real actual interests. The main themes are the Nature, impressions from Indonesia and other touristic destinations and all the different events like Horse Racing, Motorsports and others.
I startet with videography in the year 2000 with a Sony PC110E which i used mainly for underwater video with a big special underwater housing. Unfortunately at that time we had no HDV and the tons of clips which i had taken in the years are out of time now in case of the small resolution.
Since 2010 i used a Canon 550D for photography and videography, and since 2011 a Sony XR550VE especially for videography. That works well and the different possible lenses enhance this hobby with an absolute passion like never before.

My actual equipment includes:
Canon EOS 550D with several lenses,
Sony XR550VE,
GoPro Hero3+
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