Dikital Artist Profile


Company NameDikital
Member Since24 Jan 2013
Dimitar aka Dikital, is an inspired and motivated artist that both runs his own
projects and a variety of collaborations with other musicians.So far Dimitar has
realized three album/releases,as a drummer with various rock bands,curently he
is a drummer of “Dead of 20”(American Punk,indie,Emo)band based on the
south coast of England,Dikital took participation in couple of compilation CD's,
he has also released several solo material EP’s"
"Dikital - Search"(EP),”Pure Delight”(EP),”Parallel Universes”(EP),and singles
“Midnight Traffic”and “Up and the air” which are amazing ambient cinematic dub
releases. Dimitar Dimceski is a professional drummer and Percussion
player,being involved in the studio activity for the last ten years, recording, and
working as an audio engineer.
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