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ENMUSIC, a professional musician, trumpeter, pianist, drummer. More than fifteen years to the music. More than ten years he was engaged in composing activities, works by sound (radio and television) Composing activities, the record of phonograms, arrangement, orchestration. I am glad to welcome You on my page. I’m always glad to cooperation and will be glad to work with You. If You have any questions for me, please write to e-mail enmusicx@gmail.com I will be very glad if You will tell me where use my music. Thank you for your purchase.

TOP. The best, most popular and best-selling tracks.
- Fashion Show III
- The Freshness of the Sea
- Tell Me Yes
- Time
- Step 2
- Emotional Day
- Moonlight
- Club Night
- We Are the Best
- Logo for Brands 6
- Moonlight 6
- Moonlight 2
- Test Drive
- Fashion Show
- Drive Theme
- Inspiring and Motivational
- Fashion Show III Remix
- Uplifting Powerful Rock Loop
- Way to Success
- Life Is Wonderful
- Fashion Show V
- Hi-Tech Technology
- Happiness and Success
- Hi-Tech Drum Sensation
- Memory
- Moment of Happiness III
- Bee Happy
- Freshness Sea II
- Crazy Shopping
- Corporate Holiday
- Hand Friendship
- Sunny Mood
- Crazy Boogie
- RnB Party
- Background Epic Theme
- background Epic Theme 2
- Good Mood
- Inspirational
- Game Action
- Speed Of Action
- Moment Of Happiness II
- Fashion Show IV
- All Together
- Powerful Cinematic Logo III
- Powerful Cinematic Logo II
- Logo for Brands 12
- Logo for Brands 8
- Fashion Show II
- News Logo
- Logo for Brands 5
- Line Trance
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