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The Workflow. Footage acquired with a Sony Z5U and enhanced with Final Cut Studio 7 in Apple ProRes 422. The Z5U uses a 1/3 inch 3 CMOS image sensor engineered for low-light performance and a 42mm lens. Video acquired in either 1080p or Sony's 1080i 30scan and delivered in 1920x1080p30 or 1920x1080i60.

-----For Other Specific Needs, such as raw versions of footage, please contact .

-----For Comments or Further Needs relating to purchased stock footage, please contact .

Who We Are. Epokhe Cut Media is a New York based network of filmmakers and technicians always looking for new projects to get behind. For micro-crew production needs - including web, corporate, and creative projects - and for post-production help, . And of course, we're always ready to hit the road.
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