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Company NameChicVoyage Productions
Member Since13 Feb 2012
I am the founder and owner of ChicVoyage Productions (CVP), child company of the ChicVoyage Group. is a boutique media firm specializing in the use of high production video, Internet marketing, and technology to help businesses connect with their customers and provide them with a competitive edge.

CVP’s has it’s roots in travel and has a long term mission to produce original and Chic travel film productions to share the experience of travel in every major city in the world. CVP produces original travel video content for

As of March 2014 our digital collection covers Asia, South Africa, Australia, and West of North America. Please check out website for details, and to check out our stock footage collection.

I'm currently based in Taipei, Taiwan and I believe Chicvoyage has one of the largest HD stock footage collections of Taiwan on the Internet. We would like to strengthen our collection in Asia in the next 2 years.
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