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Company NameGlobal Focus
LocationJoburg, South Africa
Member Since26 Jan 2011
We specialize in 4K and HDR landscapes, wildlife in natural habitats, as well as travel scenics around the world.

We keep your edit in mind when our shoot rushes are processed by a highly experienced edit team working on the latest equipment. All Global Focus clips are checked technically in both Avid and Final Cut Pro editing systems.

We shoot professional quality at the best resolution possible.

video clip 1065160video clip 10761026video clip 8946980video clip 10761085video clip 20542098
video clip 1065198video clip 1080873video clip 1067584video clip 23136851video clip 12702980
video clip 10887461video clip 9709175video clip 9740176video clip 10884371video clip 3980670
video clip 7737511video clip 5566462video clip 5564472video clip 7740173video clip 6214992
video clip 5327641video clip 5092761video clip 5297033video clip 5186631video clip 5090632
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