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Gene Cornelius

Company Namemizamook filmworks
LocationHaines, Alaska
Member Since28 Feb 2011

Pond5 MediaMaker Spotlight Starring Mizamook by Martin Ellerbeck (artist:thursdayfilms)

"Shoot first, ask questions (or forgiveness) later!"

That means a lot of things to me - mainly that I've learned that to "get the shot" I need to be shooting, so shooting is what I do. The questions I ask later usually consist of queries to myself, but sometimes are to others, requesting a model release, or for forgiveness after making people (like gun shop owners!) nervous.

Primarily, I shoot nature: Birds & beasts, water, mountains, clouds, timelapses, scenery, etc. Planes, trains and automobiles, and not just a few boats also catch my eye. Sometimes people cross my path, but in general I leave the people shots to those professionals who specialize in such.

I frequently shoot and retain more of the footage than shown in my portfolio - if you are needing more of anything in particular, please contact me! I also take requests. Residing in Alaska has a few drawbacks, but the perks are great - overwhelming scenery, dynamic lifestyles, and voracious predators to keep us on our toes.

Increasing quality of production is an ongoing effort, and as my experience, knowledge, and quality of gear increase, so too shall the quality of my clips. I shoot primarily in 30 fps progressive - no shooting interlaced for me! My FS700 shoots 60P, so that's the mode in which I normally shoot, unless using the Z5U or V1U, which is pretty rare these days. I still render at 30fps, unless there is a lot of motion.

If you should purchase any of my clips, and have a moment, I would absolutely LOVE to hear how you used them - not only to satisfy my unabashed curiosity, but to learn from the information so as to improve the productivity of my efforts.

Thanks for reading- please enjoy the increasing number of clips I have here on Pond5 - check back frequently for new ones!

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