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Hello and welcome,

I began my education in photography and video production as an active duty military journalists, and have continued in this field as the owner of my multimedia production company.

We have a large collection of HDR and motion control time lapse shot in high resolution stills on Canon 5DII, 5DIII and 6d full frame cameras. These clips are usually offered in both HD and 4k within my collection.

Our real time video clips are shot on Red Scarlet Dragon, Canon 5D III and some of the oldest few on 5DII.

Please let me know if you are looking for a specific clip or have any other questions.

video clip 24950388video clip 11004898video clip 8962661video clip 26048794video clip 11883262video clip 10877200video clip 11899056video clip 11004750video clip 10746554video clip 25396887video clip 10976216video clip 10748183video clip 24975376video clip 11899192video clip 11519210video clip 10702205video clip 11246517video clip 10794857video clip 12337787video clip 11047330video clip 12250610video clip 8966071video clip 25302362video clip 12250055video clip 8685578video clip 25272423video clip 10702192video clip 10791935video clip 10902363video clip 24975812video clip 11985514video clip 10726869video clip 11856526video clip 10803192video clip 25912522video clip 10746583video clip 35114193video clip 8962395video clip 12086156video clip 11898988video clip 10748334video clip 10702139video clip 11984929video clip 28638021video clip 10902142video clip 12246119video clip 10795019video clip 11016637video clip 11244857video clip 8944839

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