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Polistock Media produces nonpartisan political stock media for use in news, documentaries and advertising. With a production quality suitable for national media outlets and priced for use by small budget political groups.

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ALL HD VIDEO $24.99 - ALL PHOTO $9.99
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Directed by political media consultant and commercial video editor Alain Clark Blair, whose editorial work has appeared on NBC's Meet the Press, New York City's Times Square and media markets around the world.

Media Archives date from 2007 to today.
'Vote Here' sign in the snow. FootageHope - Barack Obama 2008 Iowa presidential campaign yard sign FootageRon Paul 2008 presidential campaign yard sign Footage'Vote Here' with US Postal Truck Footage

Check out the new commercial:

'For Less Than A Tank Of Gas'

Check out the sample reel:

'Keeping Politics Cheap'

American Flag downtown Chicago, IL FootageAmerican Flag 'D' (Light) - Motion Background Footage11005 007 0007CL A FootageAmerican Flag downtown Chicago, IL Footage
11005 013 00217M A Footage11005 001 0093TT A FootageAmerican Flag w/ Business (Light) - Motion Background FootageEarth Flag (Light) - Motion Background Footage

Contact us directly for information about our 'Education Package' for educators and students. We offer discounted samplers containing various shots for education programs.

Contact us:

American Flag downtown Chicago, IL FootageAmerican and Chicago Flags downtown Chicago, IL Footage11005 004 00057K C Footage11005 014 00289I A Footage

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Post-Katrina New Orleans 2007 - Abandoned Church's Chicken PhotoPost-Katrina New Orleans 2007 - Tupelo Street PhotoPost-Katrina New Orleans 2007 - Demolition Notice PhotoPatriot Inaction - Anti President George Bush Katrina Poster Photo
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