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Company NameRealCG Animation Studio
LocationHong Kong
Member Since22 Jun 2011
RealCG Animation Studio
2D.3D.Motion Graphic.

Our Professional
The RealCG Animation Studio is a studio that providing 3D Animation & Motion graphic footage for professional video production, TV Broadcasting and web animation those allow to use in commercial advisement. We create many of creative stock footage and stock photo to simply our Client advertising process within professional and high quality production.

Your needs
Our direction is kept on to find out our Client needs. Providing a simple concept for how to use our professional stock footage and stock photo in advisement. we keep making fresh feeling to attract your target audience. Enhance your production work more professional and efficiency.

RealCG Animation Studio production is a new efficient way.
to affect your company advertising more competitive strength in the market.

Client Support
Our video and image stock were downloaded over 15000 times now. Our client was credited our brand RealCG Animation Studio at various media productions. Including documentary Film , Concert stage Animation performance , TV boardcasting, TV commercial video, cooperative design, company event opening and web design etc.

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Welcome for any requires of our footage. Leave a message to us in any time.
Thanks! We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Real CG, fast & fresh

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