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Company NameSimple Iconic Multimedia
Member Since23 Feb 2007
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Oahu Windmills turning over tropical jungle forest VideoRenewable Energy, Wind Mills, Corn Crops, HDR Time Lapse Video60p Slow motion surfer with big setting sun disk in UHD VideoGreen Sea Turtle, Hawaii Sunset, Tracking Crane Shot with Rack Focus Video4k, UHD, Tracking Through Bamboo Forest HDR Time Lapse Video4k, UHD, Tracking Jungle River Time Lapse, Forest HDR VideoKauai Agriculture Cultivation, Taro & Sugar Cane VideoTime Lapse, Pali Lookout night over Lanikai, Kaneohe, Oahu, Hawaii UHD VideoSharks Cove Shoreline, North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii, 60p Video4K, Makapu'u Ohau Ocean, Seascape, Dawn Time Lapse Hawaii, UHD Video4k, uHD, Crane lifts construction materials to building site time lapse Video4K Sun Glimmering through forest trees tracking, dolly shot, HDR Time Lapse VideoHaleakala, Maui, Volcanic Crater Time Lapse VideoBillowing Smokestack, White Smoke, Close VideoSlow Motion Water Drops, Macro High Speed Camera VideoTsunami Evacuation Boat Harbor, Ala Wai, Honolulu, Time Lapse VideoHoney Bee Macro 240 fps lands on red flower VideoTropical Rain forest, Banyan Tree Canopy, Jungle, Hawaii, Time Lapse Video4K HDR Sun sets into moving rolling clouds Video60p Sailboat Crossing Huge Sun Disk UHD VideoHawaii Night Koko Head Arch Time Lapse Timelapse UHD VideoJungle River Waterfall Tracking HDR Time Lapse, Manoa, Hawaii, Oahu VideoGolden sunset through Honolulu cityscape, with Pagoda foreground, HDR time lapse VideoHawaii Sun Rising From the Sea into Clouds Time Lapse Video4k, UHD, Ultimate Red Dawn Time Lapse, Mountain Range, Sunrise, VideoMaui East Highway Waterfall VideoHaleakala, Maui, Hawaii, Volcanic Crater, Slow, HDR Time Lapse VideoVocanic Crater, Macro Flora, HDR Time Lapse Video4k Cloud covered Peak, sea of drifting clouds time lapse VideoRed Ginger Flower, Red Ants, Botanical Garden Macro VideoPunchbowl National Cemetery, Driving Dolly VideoSetting Sun Disk, Hawaii, North Shore, Slow Motion Waves Video

We are an intermediate multimedia production company based in Honolulu, Hawaii.

My education in imagery began as a veteran military journalists in the field of crisis communications. Upon retirement I transitioned my production skills into a more artistic endeavor, Simple Iconic Multimedia.

My catalog consists of imagery shot using anything from Red Scarlet Dragon to GoPro4 Black and everything in between.

Please contact me via message tab, or on Facebook with any questions.

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