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Just loving the ability to now capture and share in the most wonderful cinematic quality the experience of life in a natural, non intrusive way – scenics, culture, people, nature, industry, urban life while out for the day or a month.

Past projects have included fashion / product / retail video presentations, filmed in Brazil, India, Pakistan and China, delivered through DVD and business broadcast presentation.

My most recent work was as a contributor to a documentary movie narrated by Michael Douglas, Meaning of the 21st Century and commissioned by James Martin, the famous author, IT entrepreneur and founder of 21st Century school at Oxford university.

Highest quality work is my objective - and welcome any feed back on this journey of collaborative creativity.

Some selections
video clip 32483810video clip 654276video clip 31745464video clip 25613890video clip 784481
Time Lapse

video clip 650092video clip 650088video clip 645050video clip 650024video clip 650073
Beaches, Boats & Islands

video clip 572124video clip 575522video clip 520778video clip 520564video clip 521382
Fall / autumn scenics

video clip 522690video clip 522409video clip 522459video clip 521833video clip 522447
China / Central Asia - Karakorum Highway

video clip 27796993video clip 456952video clip 420189video clip 27796475video clip 420595
China Outdoor Scenes

video clip 35703415video clip 40329337video clip 862567video clip 36073846video clip 341748
London England

video clip 21997996video clip 354040video clip 602751video clip 585153video clip 585033
Cape Town world cup city

video clip 490840video clip 584484video clip 584285video clip 490865video clip 490885
Barcelona, Spain

video clip 602994video clip 603018video clip 602968video clip 602851video clip 603043
Belgian Shepherd Dogs

video clip 584484video clip 420201video clip 663879video clip 584428video clip 744681
Construction / Building
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