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Company NameCaribbeanblend Productions
LocationFlorida-US, Haiti, Planet Earth
Member Since7 Mar 2013
My name is Fritz G Alcindor. I love to compose, Reggae, Konpa, Zouk and many more. Reggae is my first love so you may hear more of that from me but I will make sure I "Blend" it up a bit.... haha LOL!

Music has always been a big part of my life.... mmm where have you heard that before? I know many people say that, but for me its nothing short from the truth. Music is always playing in my head and in my heart. The humming sound of a car engine can inspire a song, even silence is its own music to me. Although I am a big fan of live bands with real talented musicians jamming, the computer age has made it possible for an individual like myself to explore all the ideas that are in my head without the expenses of a real live band and studio costs. Still I know there are no substitute!

I know the computer may never reach the natural beauty of the feel and imagination of a talented musician playing his or her instrument, but it too has its benefit. So I hope that you will take this journey with me and listen/buy my music and I hope you'll be proud of them as I am. God Bless!!
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