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Volodymyr Chernov

Member Since25 Sep 2011
Artist, photographer, freelance journalist and art reviewer. Born 1957 in Kharkov, Ukraine, lives in Germany.
He has absolved the Kharkov Institute of Industry and Arts (now Academy of Arts and Design) in 1980. In the end 80s and early 90s, he led an art studio for children and teenagers and studied authentic children’s art for his post-graduate fine arts study in the Kharkov Institute of Industry and Arts, engaged in painting and drawing, wrote fairy tales.
Since 2000, he lives in Germany in the town of Wetzlar where he performed eight solo exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions.
In 2005, he was elected in the Foreigners’ Council (Ausländerbeirat) of Wetzlar, since 2007 he has been a member of is presidium and its vice president.

The artist has been engaging in art photography since the early 90s.

Since 2007, he has been issiuing the online publication Culture And Everyday Life
("Kultur und Alltag" - http://www.foto-kunst-tschernow.de/index.html ) together with his wife Zoya and his son Oleksandr (Alexander). The publication’s languages are Russian and German. The cooperation with his wife and his son has a continuous character and includes collective preparation of exhibitions and various projects in the domain of culture as wel as writing and editing of essays and articles.
A collective family project were also the films shot for broadcast at the Open Channel of Giessen.
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