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Company NameCinquequarti
Member Since5 Jan 2013
One of the biggest challenges faced by those who make artistic creations for media, such as videos, ads, games, apps and so on, is to find good music for their works. It is not always a simple search and, in most cases, the costs to use a good tune are prohibitive, as many are covered by copyright.
Using Creative Commons, Cinquequarti provides exactly this kind of service: good music for all creations, at an affordable price.
Our Italy-based pool of artists makes music using various acoustic instruments and electronic computer synths: the sound that emerges is always original and effective. Furthermore, Cinquequarti can boast of not having any single genre influence. As one of Cinquequarti’s artists and creators often says: “we don’t care about genres; we care about clear sounds and nice ideas”. Music is creativity, happiness; music is freedom.
This is the creed of Cinquequarti: “simply, we make music.”
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