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Company NameColibri-Shop
LocationBerlin, Germany
Member Since25 May 2012
Edition Colibri is a German company which produces high quality movies of nature tours. Our videos are sold allover Germany. The cameraman Alexander Sass has been nominated for the German Camera Price for his cinema movie "Mondscheinkinder".

Edition Colibri is also producing lenticular postcards for the European market. 3-D-cards of animals as well as "moving" cards are the speciality of this small family-owned company.

Colibri means CO2 libri - the balance of carbondioxid. We believe in sustainability. For each sold movie we plant 3 trees in our project in Nepal, for each sold postcard it´s one tree. Jörg Drews, the founder of Colibri, has already planted 1,5 Million trees in his life!
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