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I am Comeasyouare (MikeSun). as a composer and producer, it’s been my privilege to work hand in hand with a wide range of therapists and holistic healers to create music for guided meditations, relaxation and hypnosis. I have been composing music for about as long as I have been practicing meditation…around 8 years now.

I am keenly aware of how important music is to the healing arts. Music is a language of emotion, and of spirit, and it can do so much more than just “sit in the background”. When used to enhance a natural healing practice, music can have a profound effect on the listener. It sets the mood for their experience, it lulls their mind into a state of relaxation, and it helps them open up to the healing power of your words.

Great music also adds a tremendous amount of depth and professionalism to your audio production, and your listeners will thank you for it. In fact, the music is often the first thing that people will notice about your work!

My Goal
As you can probably imagine, I’ve listened to countless relaxation recordings over the years. I must confess that I am often a little disappointed with the quality of the music that is presented in many of these recordings. How shall I put it? Well to be frank, they often sound a little too “cheap” or “basic”.

When I mention this to people, I am often met with nods of agreement.

I don’t think that this happens because of a lack of care. I think it happens because good quality royalty free meditation music is not easy to find.

If you visit any of the major royalty free music websites, you will discover that most of the meditation/hypnosis music they offer is not very suitable for use in meditation, relaxation or hypnosis recordings at all! Their music is usually of a short duration, or it is low in quality, or it is simply not relaxing enough. As a result, many people are forced to compromise, and low quality music makes its way onto many recordings these days.
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