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Brian Steblen

Company NameDeBergerac Productions, Inc.
LocationRochester, NY
Member Since26 Mar 2012
I consider myself exceptionally fortunate, because I make my living doing those things I truly love to do: creating beautiful images, telling interesting stories, and learning and seeing new things.

When I’m behind the camera — when the light, foreground, background, and people all come together in the frame, THAT is magic for me. Of course magic sometimes means carrying a camera and tripod for two miles into the woods, or hanging out the window of a car, or standing in the 100º sun in the middle of a road. And magic often requires weeks of planning, lots of phone calls, luck, and persistence just shy of nuisance to get to where that shot is. But when it all comes together… the struggle is quickly forgotten. - Brian Steblen read more
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