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Hi there! Thanks for taking your time to visit my artist page on Pond5, a great place to start to quickly lead you through all the stock footage I have to offer.

Every single piece of footage I offer is available in both 25fps and 29,97fps versions, so that the footage has smooth playback in both the PAl/SECAM and NTSC regions in the world. Furthermore all footage is available in a SD version and HD versions starting at 1280x720 and going up depending on the original resolution size the footage was captured in. There is no need for you to scale down, speed up or slow down and re-render the footage to fit in your projects, retaining the video's high quality and saving you time!

To assist you in quickly finding what you need I have made collections, which have similar subjects. Please find them listed below, seperated in 25fps and 29,97fps:

video clip 29167666video clip 23566166video clip 38716307video clip 26325125
Animals@25fps / Animals@29,97fps

video clip 25724550video clip 28367693video clip 41285781video clip 38754741
Architecture@25fps / Architecture@29,97fps

video clip 39041088video clip 36554963video clip 38719251video clip 37123219
Backgrounds@25fps / Backgrounds@29,97fps

video clip 28273232video clip 28293647video clip 28389848video clip 34955473
Italy@25fps / Italy@29,97fps

video clip 32704384video clip 37123545video clip 38388696video clip 32714746
Detriment@25fps / Detriment@29,97fps

video clip 38521255video clip 38516851video clip 38515456video clip 28691365
fire@25fps / Fire@29,97fps

video clip 35750156video clip 36262026video clip 38707777video clip 38480679
Water@25fps / Water@29,97fps

video clip 36257105video clip 36262353video clip 36646469video clip 36260005
Wind Turbines@25fps / Wind Turbines@29,97fps

video clip 39049130video clip 37120174video clip 39048429video clip 28281509
Flowers@25fps / Flowers@29,97fps

video clip 38189982video clip 38339914video clip 38340444video clip 38337670
Forestry@25fps / Forestry@29,97fps

video clip 37120619video clip 28253932video clip 38012281video clip 29201250
Lakes & Rivers@25fps / Lakes & Rivers@29,97fps

video clip 25851147video clip 37801308video clip 23534291video clip 28238341
Seacoast@25fps / Seacoast@29,97fps

video clip 39040809video clip 25618636video clip 36255972video clip 37801308
People@25fps / People@29,97fps

video clip 32868802video clip 38407787video clip 23531544video clip 38757134
Autumn@25fps / Autumn@29,97fps

video clip 25878358video clip 37874166video clip 36769263video clip 37123690
Spring@25fps / Spring@29,97fps

video clip 37825585video clip 28662461video clip 38408478video clip 25878571
Summer@25fps / Summer@29,97fps

video clip 38718515video clip 32706839video clip 38716307video clip 39024762
Winter@25fps / Winter@29,97fps

video clip 29580087video clip 29580064video clip 39026816video clip 37869967
Sky@25fps / Sky@29,97fps

video clip 35752824video clip 25885766video clip 32454714video clip 35747435
Transport@25fps / Transport@29,97fps

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