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Hi there! Thanks for taking your time to visit my artist page on Pond5, a great place to start to quickly lead you through all the stock footage I have to offer.

Every single piece of footage I offer is available in both 25fps and 29,97fps versions, so that the footage has smooth playback in both the PAL/SECAM and NTSC regions in the world. Furthermore all footage is available in a SD version and HD versions starting at 1280x720 and going up depending on the original resolution size the footage was captured in. There is no need for you to scale down, speed up or slow down and re-render the footage to fit in your projects, retaining the video's high quality and saving you time!

To assist you in quickly finding what you need I have made collections, which have similar subjects. Please find them listed below, seperated in 25fps and 29,97fps:

Herd of Caribou Reindeer with Big Antlers Grazing - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoScavenging Male Mallard Duck - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoPigeon Taking Off Pantheon Fountain Rome Italy - 25FPS PAL VideoA Silhouetted Windmill and a Flock of Birds on its Wicks - 29,97FPS NTSC Video
Animals@25fps / Animals@29,97fps

Positano Italy North Coast - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoWindmill Silhouette at Sunset - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoHarbor Marina Piccola Sorrento Italy - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoRevealing Monument of Victor Emanuel II in Rome Italy - 29,97FPS NTSC Video
Architecture@25fps / Architecture@29,97fps

Plume Reeds in Bright Sunlight - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoDirty Diamond Rusty Metal Pattern Background - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoDashboard of a Camper through Front Window - 29,97FPS NTSC 4K UHD VideoBright Pulsating Light Nature Background – 29,97FPS NTSC Video
Backgrounds@25fps / Backgrounds@29,97fps

Tuscany Landscape Montepulciano Long Pan - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoVia Krupp on the Island Capri in Italy - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoRevealing Isola Madre Lake Maggiore Stresa Italy - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoPurple Pink Flowers in Tuscany - 29,97FPS NTSC Video
Italy@25fps / Italy@29,97fps

Lock Rusty Chain Red Container Background - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoDirty Dusty Front Van Window – 29,97FPS NTSC VideoSpider Webs Covering Attic Ceiling - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoWooden Grip Garden Equipment Cobwebs - 29,97FPS NTSC Video
Detriment@25fps / Detriment@29,97fps

Fire Stove Glass - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoSilhouette in Fire - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoGlowing Ember in Burning Fire - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoFlames and Sparks - 29,97FPS NTSC Video
fire@25fps / Fire@29,97fps

Turquoise Azure Blue Paradise Bay Capri Italy - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoAbstract Flickering Bokeh Background - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoPowerfull Forest River- 29,97FPS NTSC VideoWaves Hitting Rocks Shallow Depth of Field - 29,97FPS NTSC Video
Water@25fps / Water@29,97fps

Turbine Windmill in the Moonlight - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoWhite Turbine Windmill on a Concrete Horizon - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoTurbine Windmill Out of Focus behind Part of Metal Staircase - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoLooking up Turbine Windmill Wicks Turning Blue Sky - 29,97FPS NTSC Video
Wind Turbines@25fps / Wind Turbines@29,97fps

Sneaky Amaryllis - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoWhite Spring Blossom - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoAmaryllis Head Opens Wider - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoDaffodil Protecting Other Narcissus from Wind Medium Close up - 29,97FPS NTSC Video
Flowers@25fps / Flowers@29,97fps

Mountain Range Clouds - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoSummer Sun Lens Flare Green Leaves Park Trees - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoTree Trunk in Front of Trees in Park at Summer Sunset - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoTree Trunk Park Summer Sunset - 29,97FPS NTSC Video
Forestry@25fps / Forestry@29,97fps

Top of the Njupeskar Waterfall - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoShimmering Sun Light through Willow Tree Branches - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoPowerful Flowing River filled with Rocks - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoBold Tree Log laying in a Forest over a River - 29,97FPS NTSC Video
Lakes & Rivers@25fps / Lakes & Rivers@29,97fps

Swedish Fjord Coast - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoCruise Ship Rusty Bitt Bay of Naples Italy - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoSunset Summer Dream Portobello Sestri Levante Italy - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoBoat in Clear Water of Azure Bay in Capri Italy - 29,97FPS NTSC Video
Seacoast@25fps / Seacoast@29,97fps

Lonely Woman on Pier - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoFocussed Eye - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoCouple Silhouettes People Bright Apocalyptic Concrete - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoTourists Walking through Narrow Shopping Street in Slow Motion - 29,97FPS NTSC Video
People@25fps / People@29,97fps

Foggy Celtic Coast - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoAutumn Willow Tree Branches - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoSeagull Colony on a Ocean Coastal Rock - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoSolftly Trembling Plume Reeds in Bright Twilight Sun Light - 29,97FPS NTSC Video
Autumn@25fps / Autumn@29,97fps

Looking up a Waterside Willow Tree Trunk - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoFlashing Lightning Thunderstorm - 29,97FPS NTSC 4K UHD VideoYellow Trumpet Narcissus Daffodils Trembling in the Wind - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoNarcissus Daffodils Trumpet Wind Gust – 29,97FPS NTSC Video
Spring@25fps / Spring@29,97fps

Small Boat on Big Lake - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoRelaxed Chewing Moose is Suddenly Surprised - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoChurch Dome of San Biagio Montepulciano Tuscany Italy - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoWild Azure Coast of National Park Portofino Italy - 29,97FPS NTSC Video
Summer@25fps / Summer@29,97fps

Abandoned Shed with a Stock Pile of Roof Tiles - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoCoot Looking Around - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoSnowflakes in Bright Blue Sky - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoEarly Bird - 29,97FPS NTSC Video
Winter@25fps / Winter@29,97fps

Silhouetted Fast Rolling Clouds Twilight Sky - 4K NTSC VideoTerrified Moon - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoClear Night Star Sky - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoWar Torn Sky - 29,97FPS NTSC Video
Sky@25fps / Sky@29,97fps

Flickering Bicycle Lights Against Tunnel Wall - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoJoggers and Walkers next to a Road at Night - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoBoat in Clear Water of Azure Bay in Capri Italy - 29,97FPS NTSC VideoIconic Venice Background - 29,97FPS NTSC Video
Transport@25fps / Transport@29,97fps

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