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Company NameDisconauts Music Production
Member Since27 Dec 2012
Disconauts Music Production was founded by the German musician and producer Lutz Aulich, better known as Al Rea, in 2012.

Main focus is currently on creating Royalty Free Music.
Disconauts work has been already used in various large scale projects around the world including national and international television broadcasts, podcasts, commercials, films, animations and documentaries.

"We believe that the right music can make your project and the wrong music can break it. Each song that we've created is of the highest quality and has been professionally produced."

Currently, Disconauts offers Royalty Free Music in the fields of Electro, Trance, Jazz, Chill Out and Lounge.

In addition to it, Disconauts Music Production also offers music for listening pleasure on iTunes, Amazon Mp3, Spotify and many other international music stores and distributors.
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