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Who would have thought that the incredible story of DJ Rostej would start with a Playstation? When he was 11, the russian artist decided to compose his first own tracks using the famous music program “Music 2000”, but his style evolved a lot with time to reach a powerful and terribly beautiful kind of chillout electronic music. Trying to get close to his main musical influences that he calls his “idols” (ATB, Robert Miles, Gregorian), DJ Rostej gets his inspiration from the people’s attitudes, deepest emotions and nature that he translates into music through his two albums Love & Peace andSecret Sorrow. “In my music, you can hear the sound of the sea, the rustle of the leaves, the sound of the rain. It it lyrical, spiritual, serene and gentle. There is a track for each mood”, the artist explains. With light, aerial piano melodies, captivating female vocals, mesmerizing echoes, and solid beats to underline their beauty, Dj Rostej’s sounds cocktail is quite unique. A delight for your ears.
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