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Company NameElectron Planet
LocationConcord, New Hampshire, USA
Member Since4 Nov 2012
Very affordable and unique instrumental and SFX compositions currently being used for mood, film scores, soundtracks, presentations, logos, splashes, cues, corporate, spiritual, inspirational, commercial, ambiance, holiday, ring tones, game, motivational, video or audio sound beds, voice overs, soundtracks, on hold, and retail background music. Electron Planet also has many SFX depicting the sounds of the real world in work and everyday life along with unusual interpretive, foley, humorous, spooky/horror, and background ambiance. Electron Planet’s music is an adventure of spiritual motivation in electronic ambient textures, epic cinematic film scores, down tempo, techno, chill out, rock, pop rock, dance, progressive rock, folk rock, acoustic, and metal production music and loops. Electron Planet’s compositions stand out for their individuality and have characteristics that impart uplifting moods and feelings of optimism just from listening. From calm relaxing meditation ambiance to grand triumphant film score suspense. These songs take your soul on a wonderfully colorful journey producing for you feelings of well being and comfort along with dreams of wonders that lie ahead. Excitement for life shines bright here. These songs are so well done and enjoyable. The use of space and time and instrumentation is outstanding with excellent sound quality and mixing. You will grasp a bright happy feeling and mood and really run with it here. Expect to embark on a great journey when you’re listening to Electron Planet’s music. All the music is composed and performed by a solo artist with acoustic and extended range electric guitars and synthesizers. All music and lyrics are copyrighted by the respected artist.
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