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Company NameFilm & Game Scoring
Member Since12 Jan 2013
Sabine & Raphael were born in Germany, right in the heart of North Rhine-Westphalia. They started to play the piano by the age of five and seven and after winning prizes in numerous music contests (solo and duo) they received the opportunity to learn the flute and the cello when being awarded a scholarship from the SVA in Germany. Both attended classes in harmonics and aural training and had already at an very early age insights in compositional theory.

While making their A-level in academic high school Sabine & Raphael made their C-Degree in sacred music of the national church and the conservatory in Detmold - including subjects such as artistic and liturgical play on the organ and many more like theory of harmony, aural training and history of church music.

A few years ago Sabine & Raphael started building up their own studio and are now focused on composing music for films and games.

Their aim is to produce unique, powerful and emotional music at the highest quality standards and to offer a wide spectrum of music. From atmospheric, ambient sound carpets, to electronica and rock to epic orchestral works.

They work in an Avid Pro Tools environment and the scores can be provided in over 20 formats up to 192kHz. As they speak English, Spanish and German, they are able to communicate with international clients all over the world.
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