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Francesco D’Andrea has been writing music, designing audio and playing in studio and live for 10 years and counting.

His music has been licensed on worldwide renowned cable TV shows' advertising (NCIS, Dr House M.D., Las Vegas) cartoons (Scooby Doo) Films (Spaghetti Story, 24 Hours, Lifever) TV advertising (Nestlé, Starwax, national banks) and a lot of video games (both online and CD/DVD console games).

Multi instrumentalist, prolific and versatile composer, he begun studing music very young. His works have been listened in a countless number of Video Games, Tv shows and commercials, movies, radio ads, cartoons and theatre plays. His music works have been synched, sold and licensed in more than 50 countries worldwide.

He had an achademic training in music composition at Saint Louis Music College. Besides his work at Keensonic, he keeps working on personal projects, both as composer of soundtracks for movies and video games, and as guitar performer.
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