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HI, am involved in video both as a hobby and as a business. As a hobby my first video camera was a Panasonic single tube 3 part VHS camera/recorder/tuner and my first personal computer an Amiga500.

Business wise I have had multiple video related business including my ongoing video production business, Innovative Video Services, and my video animation and stock video business, FX4Video.

If you like the stock video and animations from FX4Video that you see here on Pond5 check out my web site,, especially the unique TitleFX Kit offerings which allow you to construct custom write-on title animations.

At my stock video and animation web site,, you will find demo videos showing examples of how the various motion backgrounds, animated titles, animated lower thirds, animated overlays, particleFX and pyro animations can be used in various event and wedding videos, corporate videos, home movies, TV spots and TV infomercials. Most of these examples come from work I have done either for myself or as Innovative Video Services jobs.

Thanks for your consideration of my stock video and animation offerings.

Ron Bridegroom
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