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Calm and melodic music is loved by many...
In the framework of the project "Tales for adults" (Music for the soul) were released 3 CD album (as of 2012). Hopefully, soft sounding songs with bright and expressive melodies will not leave Your heart indifferent...

Music, You can see here, is played on the radio, is used on Russian TV:
in the programs and documentaries...

"Raimonds Pauls. All that was not correct".
"Mysteries of the century. Valery Obodzinsky. Excommunicated from the song".
"Mysteries of the century. Valery Obodzinsky. Stolen lives".
"Two lives of Leonid Brezhnev.
"Myths Fyodor Khitruk".
Molten ice Tatiana Tarasova".
"Alexei Leonov. The abyss on the edge".
"Steep route Vasily Aksenov".
"Want to know" with Mikhail Shirvindt.
"Maria Mironova and her favorite men.
"My mother - Anka-machine-gunner (true story Anki-polemicize)".
"Maya Bulgakova. Don't be born beautiful".
"Guardian angels".
"Life on the edge".
"People in the world".
"Serve The Motherland".
The special investigation "Fair fakes"
"Riots in Russia. Riot of the blood".
"Riots in Russia. After the rebellion".
"Grey cardinals Russia. Boris Godunov. The Royal brother-in-law or the king"?
"Grey cardinals Russia. The Shadow Of Peter. Alexander Menshikov.
"Grey cardinals Russia. The Keeper Of The Empire. Konstantin Pobedonostsev".
"Grey cardinals Russia. Count Pahlen. The Kiss Of Judas".
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