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Paul Russell

LocationDarlington, UK.
Member Since30 Sep 2008
Originally from London, I moved to the north-east of England in 1992. I have been living on a farm near Darlington since 2002, which gives me the opportunity to video wildlife and farming subjects - quite literally at my front door.

A telecomms technician by trade, I'm currently taking some extended time off - which in theory gives me loads of time to be out shooting video, but which in reality gives me loads of time to get up late and blob out on the sofa.

Sony HVR-V1 equipped, the main thing holding me back is the slow broadband line that BT can provide here.

Only a handful of clips in my portfolio have had any colour correction done. "Correct" is going to be different for every project, so I have gone the route of least interference to preserve image quality in the end product.
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