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Zizics Fanta Laszlo

Company NameHotelsinus Sound Design
LocationHungary, Budapest
Member Since18 Feb 2012
Hotelsinus Sound Design is László Zizics (aka Fanta) and Gergely Erdélyi (aka Liftmanproductions) based in Budapest, Hungary.
Starting off in the mid 1990's as two DIY enthusiasts in sound, images, and everything inbetween, hssd.hu is today an online, home-based, yet professional sound production studio, with a commitment to sincerity, integrity, and the determination to go as far as needed to reach the level we want. We walk not the extra mile, but the extra dozen if we feel we must.

What we do: game music and sound design. music composition for games, films, video and more. foley and field recording. music mastering. video post production audio. sound effect creation. radio or internet brand jingle composition. and anything else you can come up with.
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