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Company NameJuicy Lemon Music (UK)
Member Since23 Oct 2012
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Hello! I'm Nick Arnold of Juicy Lemon Music based in the UK near Cambridge. My company specializes in popular female vocal dance music, especially European genrés such as techno and rave.

As well as dance music, I also have a sizeable classical piano catalogue. From Beethoven to Chopin, Schubert to Mozart, there are many popular pieces available.

The Idents, Stings and Logos clipbin is very popular. If you are looking for a new Ident for your media channel, do take a look.

I was once a member of The Smart E's who had a worldwide hit with "Sesame's Treet" back in 1992 as well as the writer of the song "Shooting Star which was covered many times by different artists, but notably by Flip 'n' Fill who reached #3 in the UK Official National Charts in 2002. See the clips below.

Why use our music?
The music you include in your productions is not a spare time thing in a specific genré one day then another the next, we know what makes dance, trance, rave and techno music work. Our music is released commercially to those people that listen to it and they will know its authenticity.

You will be licensing music that was created by professional producers within the UK hardcore/rave scene. These are not guys that dabble at the weekends, they are dedicated professionals who are immersed in music day-in, day-out.

Please Google these names for yourself so you can see their reputations: Al Storm, DJ Seduction, Darwin, Fracus, Mat Bradshaw, Euphony, Little Fella, Chaos, Luna-C, DJ Dougal, DJ Vibes, DJ Phosphor etc...

These guys DJ around the world all the time, and you will be using the best productions possible in these genres.

Vocal and Instrumental versions
When we commission a remixer to create new versions of our songs, we ask them to lay an instrumental mix too. This gives you the opportunity to use a vocal or instrumental, or to mix the two seamlessly. Please do check the profile pages to see which versions are available.

Industry Awards and Achievements

If career achievements play louder than the music then here goes!

Industry Awards & Discs

Sesame's Treet - The Smart E's (1992)
1 million units+ worldwide.
US Dance Chart #1
UK National Chart #2

Sesame's Treet is still the world's biggest selling track of it's genré.

Smart E's - "Sesame's Treet" on Top Of The Pops in the UK

Shooting Star - Flip 'n' Fill (2002)

(Written by Nick Arnold)
UK National Chart #3

Flip 'n' Fill "Shooting Star"

Shooting Star - Discotronic (2008)
(Written by Nick Arnold)
Various Top 10 positions across Europe.

Discotronic - "Shooting Star"

Juicy Lemon Music is also the home of UK Rave artist "Bang!" who have released 2 albums, and over 50 singles since 1994 and creating arguably the biggest hardcore anthem of all time "Shooting Star".

Bang! Live at The Sanctuary UK

Please do visit our website where you can see more of our industry awards and audition our music.
Website: Juicy Lemon Music Website
YouTube:Juicy Lemon Music YouTube Channel
SoundCloudJuicy Lemon Music Sound Cloud

Thank you for perusing our music and if I can help in any way with advice about our cataog or editing, just drop me a line.
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