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Kip Evans

Company NameMountain and Sea Productions
LocationMonterey Bay, California, USA
Member Since10 Jan 2011
Kip Evans is a professional photographer and underwater explorer. For over 10 years he has worked on a number of National Geographic Society projects including the Sustainable Seas Expeditions, where he served as the chief photographer for noted marine biologist Dr. Sylvia Earle. During this period, Kip spent over 300 hours diving submersibles at depths down to 1,800 feet. In 2008, Kip joined Dr. Earle’s Mission Blue Foundation, as the Director of Photography and Expeditions. Since then Kip has joined the Mission Blue team on several expeditions to Belize, Cuba, and Mexico, documenting “hope spots”, special areas around the world that need critical marine life protection.

As a cinematographer, Kip has also worked on a number of underwater documentaries, including specials for CNN, BBC, Discovery Channel, and the National Geographic, including “Pearl Harbor – Legacy of Attack” with Dr. Robert Ballard (discoverer of the Titanic). Most recently he completed two documentary films – one on the whale sharks of Holbox, Mexico and one highlighting California’s new Marine Protected Areas. To view these films and many others, please visit our video production page.

As a photographer, Kip’s images have been widely published in books, exhibits, advertisements and magazines worldwide, including National Geographic Magazine, Patagonia, Outside, and Sea and Coastal Living to name a few. During the past three years he has been on contract with National Geographic to provide photographic support to the California Education and the Environment Initiative, a California state mandated program designed for California’s K-12 education system. Kip is also a Goggle Ocean partner and his photography was featured on the NBC Nightly news with Brian Williams in 2009 as part of this new initiative.

In addition to his photography experience, Kip has worked as a marine biologist, expedition leader, and an educator for the National Marine Sanctuary Program. As a diver and submersible pilot, Kip holds a number of certifications including PADI Scuba Instructor, Diver Medical Technician (DMT), Scientific Research Diver and he is currently rated to dive the Deep Worker and Deep Rover Submersibles to their full operating depths of 2,000 and 3,000 feet respectively. Kip has also logged over 1,100 scuba dives, mostly during research and photographic expeditions.
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