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Mark LaHive

LocationOrlando Florida
Member Since8 Oct 2011
Professional sound recordist and animator from Orlando Florida

 Beep Digital 01 Sound EffectElectrical Current Loop 03 Sound Effect General Walkie-Talkie The Red Light Of Death 01 Sound Effect Magical Twinkle Dark Blast 01 Sound Effect Electronic Device Blips 03 Sound Effect
V&S2  - Plant Pa Speaker Voice Clip Male Dispatch This Is A Drill 01 Sound EffectV&S1  - Fire Dispatch Radio Middle Age Male Voice Clip Three Alarm At Twenty  Sound EffectV&S1  - Police Dispatch Radio Int Car Voice Clip Male Baker Five Requesting B Sound EffectV&S1  - Police Dispatch Radio Int Car Voice Clip Male Lead Is East Bound From Sound EffectV&S2  - Police Dispatch Radio Voice Clip Male 10-6 Busy 01 Sound Effect

H&M - Door Open Weather Strip Squeak 01 Sound EffectH&M - Front Door Open Distant 01 Sound EffectH&M - Glass Knock Over 01 Sound EffectH&M2 - Silverware Drop Single Wood Floor 01 Sound EffectHousehold -  Plastic Bowl Set Slide Countertop 01 Sound Effect
Ambience - Sound Effect - Foreign Florence Italy Street Pedestrians Light Tra Sound EffectAmbience - Sound Effect - Horse Stable People Chatter Horse Movement Birds Ch Sound EffectAmbience - Sound Effect - Beach Crowd Activity Seagulls 01 Ambience - Sound E Sound EffectRain Fall 02  Sound EffectAmbience - Sound Effect - Foreign Paris France Metro Platform Footsteps 01 Am Sound Effect
Domestic Cat Meow 01 Animals Sound EffectDog Drink Water 01 Animals Sound EffectDog Bark 03 Animals Sound EffectSheep  Goats Sound EffectBird  Goose  Canada  Call Sound Effect
Combat - Sword On Shield Metal Scrape 01 Warfare Sound, Sounds, Effect, Effec Sound EffectCombat - Sword Fencing Impact 01 Warfare Sound, Sounds, Effect, Effects Sound EffectCombat - Sword Fencing Strike Together 01 Warfare Sound, Sounds, Effect, Effe Sound EffectSword  Two Swords Scraping Sound EffectCombat - Weapons Butterfly Knife Flip Open 01 Warfare Sound, Sounds, Effect,  Sound Effect
G&AWeapon Shotgun 12 Gauge Spas-12 Semi Automatic Single Shot Close Perspecti Sound EffectGU2DD6~1 Sound EffectG&AGun 12 Gauge Saiga 12 Combat Shotgun Single Shot Distant Perspective 05 Wa Sound EffectG&AGun Spas-12 12 Gauge Semi Automatic Shotgun Single Shot Distant Perspectiv Sound EffectG&AGun 12 Gauge Saiga 12 Combat Shotgun Single Shot Close Perspective 03 Warf Sound Effect
Horror- Ghostly Swirl Airy Dark Low Movement 01 Sound EffectHorror- Bed Piano Stab Ambience Eerie Swells 01 Sound EffectHorror- Burst Ghostly Wall Penetration 02 Sound EffectHorror- Creature Growl 03 Sound EffectHorror- Airy Feedback Sweeper Swells 01 Sound Effect

Sound effects or audio effects are artificially created or enhanced sounds, or sound processes used to emphasize artistic or other content of films, television shows, live performance, animation, video games, music, or other media.
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