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Greetings pond5 members, media producers, friends of earth!

My name is Nathan and I so glad to be here, Basically, I am the solo music composer at For the last year, I have been focusing on learning and practicing and getting things right.

Lately, I have been making solo piano tracks, and soon I plan to move into other types of music that I like, and that includes, strings and piano (my mind is racing with ideas.)

I am passionate about being creative, I dig into my mind, heart and soul to find things of interest. I write poems, draw and paint, work on 3-d graphics, photography, but my main drive is this piano I have and making music that others find, touching, emotional and something that strings a cord in the soul, the essence of I suppose...You.

Each piano piece I write, is unique of that moment, what I am feeling, what the day is like, is it sunny, raining, cold, dark...welcoming, warm...

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