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Company NameLoFREEQ Recordings
LocationSouthern California
Member Since14 Feb 2011
LoFREEQ Recordings is an award winning video production company that specializes in corporate, promotional and web video, plus a leading provider of licensed music for use in films, TV shows, commercials and video games.

Clients that LoFREEQ Recordings has produced video content for include Michelob Brewing, Kawai Pianos, Bite Me TV, Matt Mitchell Racing, FAST Swimming, Corp Films and Cruzaders Inc. Some of the various media where music from the LoFREEQ Recordings catalog has been used includes television shows on CBS, NBC, A&E, E!, MTV and The Discovery Channel, video games by Disney and Electronic Arts, commercials by McDonald's, films by No Fear Films, web videos by People Magazine and corporate films by The North Face.
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