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I am a professional cinematographer.
I am proud to present my large collection of HD footages - industrial, social, agricultural and many other popular categories. All the footage was shot using up-to-date equipment.

video clip 17476919video clip 12446809video clip 12745830video clip 12745240video clip 23210359video clip 12061636video clip 18152757video clip 16955591video clip 11160904video clip 12680108video clip 18154622video clip 18152275video clip 12745408video clip 18152852video clip 12741625video clip 16991621video clip 18152516video clip 18143800video clip 16951766video clip 17007077
video clip 14759123video clip 14687014video clip 11519481video clip 14740128video clip 14653782video clip 14665444video clip 14656228video clip 14735681video clip 11519493video clip 14676291video clip 14754073video clip 14712793video clip 14748379video clip 14751644video clip 14752685video clip 14549027video clip 14662460video clip 14646372video clip 14757649video clip 14643536
video clip 22215560video clip 24290334video clip 11155161video clip 24285063video clip 22217251video clip 11154794video clip 22214719video clip 22208918video clip 22207950video clip 11155340video clip 11155840video clip 24286926video clip 11155172video clip 22211911video clip 24289138video clip 22217477video clip 22210306video clip 22206109video clip 24287233video clip 11154853
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