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I am a professional cinematographer.
I am proud to present my large collection of HD footages - industrial, social, agricultural and many other popular categories. All the footage was shot using up-to-date equipment.

video clip 18153509video clip 18150676video clip 12745240video clip 12742959video clip 12445437video clip 16921610video clip 11160402video clip 18151671video clip 12742597video clip 17012270video clip 18153381video clip 16919852video clip 12745408video clip 17488321video clip 12745644video clip 16991621video clip 11161609video clip 22745123video clip 16951766video clip 22750552
video clip 14759123video clip 14742935video clip 11491262video clip 11521975video clip 14740128video clip 14665444video clip 14674057video clip 14706635video clip 11519493video clip 11520478video clip 14694276video clip 14754073video clip 14681247video clip 14748379video clip 14746709video clip 14752685video clip 14750138video clip 14646372video clip 14549027video clip 14643536
video clip 22218420video clip 24288333video clip 22218101video clip 11154794video clip 22216868video clip 24289868video clip 24291224video clip 22215277video clip 24285844video clip 22214719video clip 22217060video clip 22208918video clip 24290021video clip 22208207video clip 11155840video clip 11155172video clip 24289138video clip 22210306video clip 22206109video clip 24287233
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