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We do have batch discounts for buyers who would like to buy 10+, 20+ videos and more. If you are interested in big batch of videos and would like to get up to 30% off please contact us by e-mail.


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You can contact us for any questions or propositions via e-mail: mostockfootage>>@<<

Check our some of our popular stuff:

US STATE MAPS, all 50 + capitol city::
USA map, Nebraska pull out, all states available. Blue background FootageKansas pull out, smooth USA map, all states available FootageUSA map, Virginia pull out, all states available. Blue background FootageAlaska pull out, smooth USA map, all states available FootageKentucky pull out, smooth USA map, all states available FootageUSA map, Nebraska pull out, all states available. Red background FootageUSA map, Texas pull out, all states available. Red background FootageUSA map, Pennsylvania pull out, all states available. Blue background Footage

Audience jumping, clapping, hands up, enjoying music at club FootageTeenage crowd is dancing in night club. Person raises hands enjoying the music FootagePhone in raised hand. Phone is filming the night club's atmosphere, people dance FootageSexy girl dancing, clapping to cheer up public at club Footage
Drunk guy holding bottle, people drinking at bar, nightclub FootageTimelapse of bar in night club shot as if the person was drunk or had drugs FootageYoung people drinking, smoking in bar, nightclub, girls, pick-up FootageHot girl performing sexy dance at nightclub, looking seductively Footage

Young female browsing internet on tablet PC, smiling at camera FootageAdult male talking over phone enjoying conversation daytime park FootageReading mobile phone messages, conversations, sms, touch phone FootageGirl selecting, using mobile applications on smart phone, gadget Footage
Official talking to Vladimir Putin, phone conversation, close-up FootageSenior woman hands type message on phone, sending sms, e-mail FootageUS President Barack Obama calling Russian official, close-up FootageMan playing sensor games on touch phone, YES, losing, close-up Footage

Boeing 737 acceleration and takeoff FootageCharter jet with two propellers turning steering for take-off FootageAirbus A320-200 taking off, beautiful landscape view. FootageAirplane Airbus A320-200 passing by Footage
Small jet Hawker Beechcraft 390 Premier IA steering in airport FootageLots of people arrived by plane come to meeting point in airport terminal FootageAircraft Airbus A320-200 steering on the runway FootageArrived people coming out to meeting point in airport terminal Footage

Road junction night time-lapse in urban city, car traces drive FootageBridge over busy highway junction, heavy traffic, aerial shot FootageLooking through wet window on dark road, intensive night traffic FootageNight driving time lapse, cars leave traces with lights, city Footage
Time-lapse of people walking crowd on white background, city day FootageSubway train doors open at station, passengers enter, take seats FootageTime lapse of different people walking on city pavement tiles FootageMany people coming, leaving night club, walking stairs, metro Footage

Thunder and lightning above city sky. Lightning forks to buildings, sound FootageVarious lightning bolts strike forest night landscape, sound included FootageVarious Lightning Strikes with sound, rain thunder in cloudy sky, 4K FootageLarge wide lightning bolt strikes night city, sounds of rain and thunder Footage
Cumulus clouds moving across blue sky, green hills, time-lapse FootageTimelapse of beautiful blue sky turning into night darkness FootageTimelapse of clouds moving in blue sky over modern space exploration laboratory FootageClassic time-lapse of clouds passing by. Blue sunny sky Footage

Healthy fitness exercise by young sport woman. Active gymnastics FootageStanding sports woman shaking muscles relaxing. Preparing for fitness training FootageSportsman works out dynamic cardio exercises in gym. Small jumps for fitness FootageAthletic sportsman fitness exercise in gym in slow motion. Conscious health care Footage
Attack on goal by semi-professional soccer football team outdoors day time FootageSoccer players on the stadium field, football match, aerial view FootageStadium lives during evening football match, fans wave flags FootageBroadcasting football match TV camera, green screen, coverage Footage

Football fan sector people shout, raising hands, stadium match FootageClapping supporters in fan sector shout, football team playing FootageCity square, people walking timelapse (time-lapse) FootageFootball fans celebrate a goal. Unrecognizable crowd of people watching soccer FootageFans during half-time talking about football game, stadium arena FootagePeople crowd (football, soccer fans) on the square playing with balloon balls FootageCity main square, people watching sport event on big screen. FootageStadium stands, football evening match arena, fans sit shouting Footage

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