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Company NameNao Tharp Studio
LocationLos Angeles, CA
Member Since10 Dec 2010
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Welcome to Nao Tharp's Library.

4K+(4096x2304 or 2734 or 3072): $199.99
HD : $69.99
Music : $19.99

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Specialization: Multi-Axis Motion Controlled Time Lapse of Astrophotography, Cityscape, and Nature Landscape.

Camera Equipment: Canon EOS 6D, Nikon D610, Panasonic GH1(h*cked), Canon HG20, Go Pro Hero 4 Black Edition

Motion Control Equipment: Linear Motion Labs 6' Dolly Slider System, Alpine Labs Radian Tilt/Pan Device, Dynamic Perception MX3 Controller

Workstation/Software: Mac Pro, Adobe After Effects CC, Adobe Premiere CC, Adobe Photoshop CC, Final Cut Pro X

Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan and currently based in Los Angeles, California, I am an enthusiastic time lapse photographer and a music producer whose focus is on capturing beautful imagery of the nature and civilization.

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