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Ofbitt Sounds is a 23 years old Music Composer From Tunisia
With a great experience in a wide range of styles and genres From "Shoegaze,Techno,Electronic,Dubstep,Trance to Experimental Electronica "
Ofbitt Sounds creates custom and stock background music to fit business, TV shows, short films, videogames, theatre shows, instrutional DVDs, and Corporate Videos.
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cinematic, relaxed, chinese, lounge, romantic, energetic, piano, mayan god, background, metal, house, baby vector, playful, inspirational, business, jazz, family computer, yoga silhouette, intro, sunset hd, red wagon, rock, acoustic, uplifting, corporate, vehicle trade in, maya chac, cell phone, fun, dreamy, hypnotic, police, airport, epic, positive, bright, carefree, bikini, clouds, electric, happy, italian, rasta, reflective, guitar, upbeat, ambient, choir, pop, action
swoosh, countdown, rasta, select, half moon, baby vector, ambiences, bell, crew, butterflies, whoosh, bikini, spinning, drum, movie trailer, red wagon, zing, female singer silhouette, computer, nature water, abstract, airport, clouds, fireworks, running, cell phone, teen girls beach, mayan god, twinkle, transition, movement, great depression, jet ski, cartoon, spray, vehicle trade in, sunset hd, human grunting, yoga silhouette, police, cymbal, crash,
family computer, effects, titles, after effects, sunset hd, television, corporate, backgrounds, presentation, mayan god, police, slideshows, 3d models, sports, motion, transitions, falling blueberries, flythroughs, great depression, vehicle trade in, red wagon, fortress, business, titel, rasta, bikini, yoga silhouette, teen girls beach, openers, maya chac, clouds, baby vector, butterflies, modern, intro, reporters, lower thirds, video displays, airport, space, logo reveals, yoga, trailers, text,
cg, sexy man, cell phone, fear, office building, brick office, samurai, office, water pump, oil rig, ocean people, corporate park, bikini, red wagon, amazon, angel, oil rig sea, earth, oil rig ocean, park building, polar bear, baseball, high tide, concert, printing press, pasta, space computer, whale, forest orchid, amor, global warming, horror, florence art, dolphin, vehicle trade in, office exterior, abused girl, fish tail, mayan god, nuvens, storm surge, miami beach sunset, medieval village,
backgrounds, woman on stairs, business continuity, contract negotiation, data backup, alien planet background, construction worker, girl pajamas, desert, baptism, cell phone, performing arts, girl scared, girl horror, clouds, police, maya chac, coffee shop, red wagon, sunset hd, weibliches, young man drunk, magnolia trees, holi, yoga silhouette, rasta, mayan god, christian praying, yoga, professional photographer, technology research, group of women,
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