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Robert Howard

Company NameOrbit Creative
Member Since28 May 2008
Working in advertising as a Graphic designer and Copywriter since 1984. Shooting stock footage since 2005.
Dual citizenship. Canadian and British (EEC) passports.

Connect with me on Linked-in. Custom footage available on request.

New for 2012! London and Paris footage:
London 2012
video clip 10899411video clip 12661173video clip 10903904video clip 10921093video clip 10921620
Paris 2012
video clip 12604257video clip 12603765video clip 11136063video clip 11059878video clip 11137759

Orbit Creative "Best of" Videos:
Best of 2012
video clip 11165004video clip 10899444video clip 10579568video clip 10963690video clip 11136347
Best of 2011
video clip 4682281video clip 10579568video clip 8892368video clip 8519577video clip 8620825
Best of 2010
video clip 996509video clip 625355video clip 607765video clip 735077video clip 954547
Best of 2009
video clip 513831video clip 569088video clip 496147video clip 504148video clip 509017
Best of 2008
video clip 283797video clip 141580video clip 267442video clip 281708video clip 152543

video clip 1629030video clip 1076966video clip 1094915video clip 1078794video clip 1189576
video clip 1095625video clip 1095525video clip 1093659video clip 1079200video clip 1215544
video clip 561070video clip 569092video clip 560972video clip 567091video clip 565338

video clip 138003video clip 269641video clip 11164776video clip 521138video clip 504243
video clip 1059864video clip 190935video clip 275608video clip 275628video clip 1049317
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