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Robert Howard

Company NameOrbit Creative
Member Since28 May 2008
Working in advertising as a Graphic designer and Copywriter since 1984. Shooting stock footage since 2005.
Dual citizenship. Canadian and British (EEC) passports.

Connect with me on Linked-in. Custom footage available on request.

New for 2012! London and Paris footage:
London 2012
video clip 11016751video clip 22783542video clip 10904132video clip 22835058video clip 10899434
Paris 2012
video clip 11060450video clip 24305517video clip 11138169video clip 11059567video clip 10964804

Orbit Creative "Best of" Videos:
Best of 2012
video clip 12382186video clip 10899146video clip 12318609video clip 12603986video clip 11235655
Best of 2011
video clip 9025861video clip 7137532video clip 1094698video clip 1087908video clip 1085756
Best of 2010
video clip 751219video clip 633121video clip 735077video clip 958853video clip 771178
Best of 2009
video clip 478475video clip 478553video clip 565104video clip 451205video clip 515994
Best of 2008
video clip 136141video clip 139495video clip 138003video clip 290223video clip 285872

video clip 1094743video clip 1643292video clip 1616791video clip 1185221video clip 1087224
video clip 1079464video clip 1093659video clip 1093430video clip 1079350video clip 1076715
video clip 565307video clip 565183video clip 561324video clip 542565video clip 560862

video clip 1847873video clip 11165004video clip 521394video clip 479104video clip 504243
video clip 315329video clip 607765video clip 157129video clip 275628video clip 757233
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