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Company NamePR4God
LocationOhio, USA
Member Since28 Jul 2007
We produce stock videos for movies, editorials, commercials, presentations, web designs and more. Our goal is to have professional footage that will help your project look its best. Our videos range in size up to 1920x1080. If there is something you would like that we do not have, please contact us at and let us know what you are looking for and we will email you if it becomes available.

We would like to hear from you! Please send us your comments at

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Golden Wheat Field 02 FootageHand Sifting Wheat 02 FootageRound Baler in Action FootageWheat Crop Composite FootageFarmers Loading Hay 03 Footage

Komodo Dragon Yawning FootageGolden Pheasant FootageCecropia Moths Mating FootageKomodo Dragon Yawning FootageTiger Stretching Footage
Animals & Wildlife

Flamingo Grooming FootageFlamingo Spinning Backwards FootageAmerican Flamingo Walking FootageTrumpeter Swan FootageTrumpeter Swan Footage

Woman Selecting Green Beans In Produce FootageWoman Stocking Tomatoes In Produce FootageWoman Selecting Apples In Produce FootageBanana Pepper FootageWoman Selecting Green Beans In Produce Footage
Food & Drink

Hot Air Balloon Composite FootageHot Air Balloon Glowing FootageHot Air Balloon Takes Flight FootageHot Air Balloon Lift-Off FootageHot Air Balloon Time Lapse Footage
Hot Air Balloons

Farmer Square Baling Hay 02 FootageFarmer Sowing Seed 02 FootageFarmer Square Baling Hay 04 FootageSemi Truck Driving Down Road FootageBobcat Tracks Turning Footage
Machinery & Equipment

Bus Stop Time Lapse FootagePlayer Intercepts Football 05 FootageKids Playing in Fountain FootageBoy Playing in Fountain FootageBiplane Spinning with Smoke Footage
People & Lifestyle

Creek with Snow Falling FootageWheat Against Clouds Time Lapse FootageTree With Clouds Time Lapse 02 FootageHand Sifting Wheat FootageSunflower Macro Footage
Plants & Flowers

Clock With Clouds Time Lapse 02 FootageClock With Clouds Time Lapse 02 FootageBusy Intersection Time-Lapse FootageClock Time Lapse FootageFlashing Railroad Crossing Signal Footage
Signs & Symbols

Baseball Batter Walked FootageSoccer Goal Kick 02 FootageField Goal FootageDaughter Boarding Jet Ski FootageFootball Offensive Run Footage
Sports & Leisure

Siberian Tiger Composite FootageSiberian Tiger Alerted by Prey FootageTiger Walking In Grass 03 FootageSiberian Tiger Prowling FootageTiger Rests on Rock Footage

Exploding Clock Time Lapse FootageWheat Against Clouds Time Lapse 02 FootageDrifting Leaves Time Lapse FootageLush River Bed Time Lapse FootageFog Time Lapse Footage
Time Lapse

Jet Ski Jumps On Lake FootageSharks Swimming 02 FootageSharks Swimming 03 FootageSwimmers Racing In Triathlon 03 FootageJet Ski Jumps On Lake 02 Footage

Pine Trees in Snowstorm FootageSun Breaks Through Snow Clouds FootageGirl Swinging in Snow FootageGirl Swinging in Snow FootageMan Shoveling Snow Footage

Flashing Railroad Signal with Train Passing FootageKangaroo Sleeping And Rolling FootageSalad Time Lapse FootageBoating on Lake FootageDozer Tracks Footage
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