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Ryan McAfee

Company NameAmerica ByCycle
LocationLos Angeles, CA
Member Since22 Feb 2010
I shoot video.

Clients include ESPN, GE, AOL, Bloomberg Business Week, About.com, Las Vegas Sun/Weekly.

You can see examples of my work at vimeo.com/ryanmcafee/videos.


If you have any questions you can email me at

Warming Glowing Campfire Blowing in the Wind Wide VideoHelicopter Skids While Riding In a Helicopter VideoWind Turbines Aerial View From A Helicopter VideoWater and Tides splashing up against the shore in Lake Mohave, Arizona VideoHelicopter Footage Flying Over West Texas VideoRock Climber Climbing beautiful rocks and making way up the wall VideoWind Turbines From a Helicopter in Texas VideoWind Turbines From a Helicopter VideoGuy Hiking down Beautiful Red Rocks in the desert VideoWater and Tide Lapping against the Shore in Lake Mohave VideoAmerican Flags Washington DC Snow Storm VideoWind Turbines Time Lapse Spinning With Sunset VideoDesert shrubs blowing in the wind VideoFollowing the Helicopter's Shadow from a Helicopter VideoRock Climber climbing up a beautiful rock face VideoRed Rock Las Vegas in the Afternoon VideoWarming glowing Campfire blowing the wind VideoMountains Sunset Timelapse in Southern Nevada Video
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