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LocationNew Orleans, LA
Member Since12 Jun 2009
Scott Mohrman graduated from Columbia College Chicago where he earned his BA in Film and Video Production. During his time in Chicago, Scott immersed himself into all aspects of the production process focusing his passion and refine his skills.

Film school is not for everyone but the benefits are great. Scott was taught the aesthetic and technical aspects of the filmmaking craft with film. Shooting film and editing with a razor blade and tape.

Learning the art of cinematography and lighting with film has given Scott a level of understanding and a skill set that has served him well in this digital age.

Scott has been complemented on his attention to detail and knowledge of the craft by his peers and supervisors.

Scott’s skills and passion are in cinematography and lighting. Scott is comfortable on everything from a corporate interview to a feature film set. Scott has had hands on experience with a wide range of film and HD video cameras.

Scott rarely eats chinese. One of the times he did, he got a fortune cookie that said, “You are capable, competent, creative, and careful. Prove it.” He has set out to do just that. Scott has a passion for the filmmaking craft and a desire to live a life of learning.
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