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LocationWarsaw, Poland
Member Since26 Mar 2012
Aleksandra Siemieniuk plays resophonic, acoustic, electric and baritone guitar, and her guitar technique includes fingerpicking and slide. She is also author of papers on African-American musical styles. She performs on regular basis with Magda Piskorczyk, giving concerts in Poland and abroad. In 2011 she released her solo instrumental mini-album "World Looks Bad" based on original compositions.

In 2002, she was granted scholarship to take part in International Guitar Seminars in New York where she polished her acoustic guitar and slide techniques with masters of acoustic guitar (i.e. Bob Brozman, Woody Mann). Musical explorations made her devote her M.A. thesis in sociology of culture to the study of evolution, significance and use of sound in black music. Extensive fragments were published in Polish musicology journal "Muzyka" ("Music"), issued by The Institute of Art of The Polish Academy of Sciences.

Aleksandra choses to diverse musical climates – beginning with pure acoustic sound through alternative music and rock to various types of contemporary electronic music. She is fascinated with oriental instruments like oud or saz and ethnic music – transformed or not – e.g. traditional African, Arab or Turkish music. She is particularly fond of African-American tradition expressed in funk, soul, hip-hop, gospel or country blues. Those genres influenced her own music style and technique, compositions and arrangements.
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