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Space monkeys consists of Rutger Verspeek and Ian Macleod Cassels. They attended the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam and both completed a course in Multimedia design. After that they decided to continue studying, and both attended the Willem de Kooning Academie to finally graduate in Teacher fine arts. After that they both became teachers at the Grafisch Lyceum, where they have been teaching several courses up until today. Ian has been performing as a VJ ever since 2002. Early 2008 Ian and Rutger teamed up and formed Space monkeys.

For every gig they try to adapt their visuals as tight as possible depending on the theme of the night. However, they do succeed in maintaining their own distinct and contemporary style which is characterised by rich colours, freshness and friskiness. They experiment a lot with 2D and 3D and love to think way beyond the standard 3:4 screen. Rutger is the 3D graphics expert whilst Ian experiments with raw analogue ideas. They are very experimental and their biggest feature is probably their ‘out of the box’-thinking.

Rutger and Ian have created a visual style for Joey Daniel’s 300MpH parties in the Factory 010 and successfully performed as VJ’s on each of these gigs. All of their visuals are custom made and always adapted to the client’s wishes.
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