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Member Since5 Jun 2008
Shooting high quality stock footage for over 15 years...
video clips used in news and documentary, national
and local television, business and corporate, films,
music videos and more!

HD acquired footage shot on a series of cameras,
including: Panasonic HPX500, 300, Canon 5D M2
and Canon 7D.

Over 200 bins and 8k clips ranging from city scenes,
state and national parks, vineyards, wineries, art
galleries, oil refineries, factories, warehouses, solar,
transportation, crime scenes, sports and much much more!

Here are some selected clips from my clip bins

Real clip 779492video clip 741624video clip 1179239 clip 636370video clip 547649video clip 547645

American clip 758539video clip 512761video clip 624286 clip 671350video clip 671304video clip 671233 clip 599166video clip 624361video clip 598443

TV clip 624350video clip 705966video clip 705958 clip 565589video clip 565700video clip 1080294

TV clip 624350video clip 705966video clip 705958

TLapse clip 567558video clip 567561video clip 567562 clip 1037041video clip 512706video clip 1013130 clip 558518video clip 558516video clip 157765 clip 711507video clip 711548video clip 711503 clip 330796video clip 662885video clip 565802 clip 904766video clip 574999video clip 611685

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