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Peter Kuran

Company NameVCE, Inc.
Member Since14 Nov 2009
Peter Kuran started his career in 1976 working as an animator on the original Star Wars. As an animator on Star Wars, Kuran introduced the concept of animating shadows and interactive light to objects to make them appear more interactive.

Since that time, Peter and his company, VCE, have worked on over 250 theatrical motion pictures including both "Addams Family" films and all three "Robocop" features. VCE work was seen in "Men In Black", "The 6th Day", "Thirteen Days", "A Beautiful Mind," "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen," "X-Men 2" and "The Last Samurai." In 2003, Peter won an Academy Award in the Scientific and Technical Achievement category for his RCI Color Restoration Process.

All footage submitted on these pages by VCE has been photographed in the 35mm motion picture format using professional Hollywood Mitchell and Arriflex cameras and has been scanned at 2K resolution in the Cineon and dpx format, then reformatted to HD Quicktime movies.
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