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Company NameVision 3 Media
LocationJackson Missouri
Member Since9 Aug 2010
Vision 3 Media was a play on the fact that I have 2 brothers and we all love technology related to media. My older brother is a Photoshop expert and my younger brother is an After Effects guru. I have a love for both aspects (still and video).

I have loved videograhy/photography most of my life. I am a DIY person so I have built a several cool videography tools. I love using them to get the "creative" shots.

I am in the Southeast Missouri area so if anyone needs anything native to that area please let me know. I am very close to the Mississippi River.

I also have focused on the medical/surgical niche and have 100's of clips related to that profession.

I love being a stock media artist capturing life as it happens all around me. Some think a camera can cause you to not live in the moment, I disagree and believe my camera has taken me places and let me capture things I would of otherwise never seen or experienced. I love that Pond5 has given me the opportunity to do and see even more than I would have otherwise.
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