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Having a long career in motion graphics VJSatelite (Douglas Warouw) found creative inspiration in performing live visuals. With a passion for texture and theme VJSatellite performed at many famous Australian venues and events over a period of 4 years. Some of his personal highlights were performing at the Sydney Opera House, The Big Day Out and on NYE at the Sydney Superdome, also performing visuals for artists like Mark Dynamix, DJ Craze and Danny Howells.

Currently retired VJSatellite has opened his personal library of clips to you. All footage is 100% originally produced and has been used in a live visuals environment. These clips are all the good stuff, thematically created there is enough footage to ensure that when you have to perform for hours your audience will always feel there were different visuals for each section of the night.

"What I loved was that I could give every DJ a different theme so people would associate the visuals with the artrist giving them (the DJ) ownership of the night."
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