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Company NameVOXEL
LocationSantiago Chile
Member Since29 Jan 2010
GRUPO VOXEL serves, in all the audio-visual phantom.
Our main advantage, is that we advised to the client, from the beginning, according to its objectives, arriving until the reproduction or publication from the product. VOXEL has a select team, of multidisciplinary professionals, and owns equipment of production and digital postproduction,
We characterized ourselves by projects that incorporate diverse techniques and audio-visual disciplines, and are expert in digital video, its formats and compressions.

Between our staff and freelance collaborators, we counted on:
Audio-visual designers, speakers, sound engineers and technicians, artists, journalists, scriptwriters, producers multimedia, designers, programmers, directors of photography, 3D modelers, among others. We can thus develop any complex audio-visual project.

VOXEL Group Areas:

VOXEL DESIGN: corporate image, advertising stationery store, illustrations, Photos, Development Web.
VOXEL MULTIMEDIA: Audio-visual, videos:porative/institutional/qualification/responsibility, DVDs, CDRom interactive multimedia, Flash animation, touchscreen, Commercial TV and Radio, Jingles.
VOXEL 3D: Modeling and Animation, 3D Render, visualizations, Virtual Reality, 3D illustrations

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