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Professional Cameraman and Producer (Broadcast/Industry/Corporate).

You need a professional camera team in Germany/Europe? HDV or DVCAM NTSC/PAL cameracrew for your shooting in Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg (and WORLDWIDE, on request). We are the right ones for your shooting in HDV or DVCam/MiniDV Format.

Our Cameracrew is fully equipped:
Sony HVR-Z1 HDV Camera NTSC/PAL, Vinten-Tripod, Rode NTG-1 Directional Condenser Microphone, SQN3-Mixer, 16:9 TFT Control-Monitor, Team-Car, Lightning different filters.

If you need, we can shooting in XDCAM PAL, DigitalBetacam PAL , BetacamSP PAL or DVCPRO PAL.

Ready for TV Shooting, Documentation, Travel or Business movies.
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